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"Any brand or category that isn't growing, is dying" -- Jeff Manning

The world is overrun with highly mature brands and categories. Some are still healthy and growing strongly. But many others are stalled and stagnating. There is a temptation, even among huge, top tier brands, to accept no/slow growth. This is a fatal, self-fulfilling prophesy. Brands, and even entire categories, become obsolete.

However, they can be reignited, even resurrected. GOT MILK? represents a modern case of “Marketing CPR.” Below are some of the mandates for reigniting highly mature brands and categories.

  • A seismic shift in strategic thinking.
  • Provocative, possibly terrifying ideas.
  • A core of progressive, resilient, highly persuasive leaders.
  • People who embrace intelligent risk.
  • Strategic alliances, even with those thought to be the “enemy”.
  • Investment spending and a realistic payout period.
  • Humility, patience and accountability.

“Reigniting Mature Brands & Categories” is a keynote speech and brand building workshop aimed at senior management, chief marketing officers and their departments. It also forms the basis for longer term consultation and idea generation.

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