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"When the creative urge becomes creative in all directions at once."--Henry Miller

The highest ROI in the business world comes from creative people. Their ideas don’t just improve things a bit. They can change the course of a brand, an industry, even a nation. Creative people are often highly sensitive, defensive and opinionated, frequently at the all at once. It requires special mind and skill sets to consistently channel and nurture creative thought. Unfortunately, many senior managers either lack the skills or vision to derive the most from their creative resources.

Some of the most creative people in advertising worked on GOT MILK? The lessons learned, from both the successes and blunders, can pay huge dividends, not just to marketers, but to anyone who must tap into creative people. “Managing Creative Minds…for Fun and Profit” captures and applies 12 years of GOT MILK? experience.

It is the springboard for a highly enlightening and productive keynote speech, workshop and, most importantly, an ongoing coaching program.

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