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"The alliance with GOT MILK? resulted in wonderful, co-branded creative and impacted the strategic course of the Oreaos brand."

The days of going it alone are hereby officially dead. No brand or category, regardless of its dominant, can maximize growth without building strong, resilient and often unexpected alliances. The case history “graveyard” is populated by companies and industries who fought this idea.

GOT MILK? could not have achieved virtually universal awareness and its iconic stature without its branded partners. These, of course, included Oreos and Nesquik and Quaker Oats and Rice Crispies (the brand you can’t even hear without milk). But GOT MILK? also embraced Mattel’s Barbie, Girls Scouts of American and Cookie Monster. Unfortunately, many marketers struggle with collaboration, especially with global consolidation and “conflicts of interest.” It requires a different way of thinking and, occasionally, an outside mediator to bring partners together, to show them common ground.

A keynote speech, “Collaboration Marketing: Building Bridges”, highlights how GOT MILK? connected with nearly every major food company in the US and how to apply this experience to broad range of brands and categories. The “Building Bridges” workshop can help companies open doors, establish alliances, increase efficiencies and build brands.

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