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“There isn’t a CMO in this country who couldn’t glean  insights and ideas from GOT MILK?”--Paul Coletta

It’s hardly profound to say that GOT MILK? applies to food and beverage marketing. One might even conclude that it has application to any heavily advertised consumer product. What isn’t as obvious is that GOT MILK? is a study in the creation and building of a powerful brand, a brand with near universal awareness in the US, a brand that competes effectively with soft drinks, sports beverages and bottled waters.

As a result, GOT MILK? has exceptionally broad applications, applications to nearly any brand or category that must grow in the face intensifying competition, shifting demographics and rapidly changing media habits. The people marketing computers or cell phones or financial services have as much, perhaps more, to gain from GOT MILK? than those selling cereal and cookies. GOT MILK? is a unique and hugely entertaining study in advertising. But it is a profound and revelatory brand building case study.


  • Consumer Electronics, which is becoming intensely brand driven.
  • Telecommunications, incl. phone companies providing commodity services.
  • Travel/Tourism, particularly traditional destinations and carriers
  • Automotive, an industry driven by design vs. the consumer
  • Financial Services, another industry headed for “commoditization”
  • Retail, including the huge, fast food brands caught in the nutrition crossfire

“Building Brand Potency” is both a keynote speech and workshop that applies GOT MILK? directly brands or industries. It was developed for one of the foremost branded companies in the US and can be tailored for virtually any consumer driven organization.

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